• Marimo 6a

The Marimo moss ball

does not consist of moss but is a rare living algae species.

It comes from Japan and grows at the bottom of Lake Akan.

Due to the movement of the water, it rolls over the bottom of the lake and thus keeps its shape.

Marimo means bouncing water plant.

According to an old Japanese legend, it brings good luck.

It grows slowly and can live for more than 100 years.

The care is simple:

Change the water once every 2 weeks.

Rinse the Marimo gently in cold water and gently roll it around in your hands.

Do not place in the sun.

Content gift package: 1 marimo moss ball, bag of shells, pot (diameter 10 cm. X height 21 cm.),

the booklet the legend of the Marimos and a card with care instructions.

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Marimo 6a

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